3 + 1 Reason Influencers Struggle Financially

Social media Influencers spend a lot of time and resources to keep their followers engaged! As an influencer you need to create content with new, exciting, interesting and relevant ideas to keep your followers passionate with you and what you stand for.

Most of the times you need a separate budget for travelling, shopping and consuming the products you are passionate with to be able to create exciting content.

You get to have a few thousand of followers or even hundreds of thousands of followers but it seem that the million dollar contract is not on the horizon yet. In contrast you get low and late payments from managers and bargains from clients.

So what are doing wrong? Here are 3+1 reason social media influencers struggle financially and a Free ebook to change that situation.

1) Underprice the service

Many influencers don't know what they worth. Some of them will promote a product just to use it for free even though they can influence the buying decision of millions of people. If a company or a manager wants you to talk about a product or a service, make sure you will get paid for it.

2) Exchange time for money

When you finally set your price, then you come up with a catalogue of services. If a company contacts you, you send them the catalogue and you start negotiating the time and effort needed to execute the promotion.  Influencer consultants suggest you shouldn't work with more than three brands per month. Doing only this, you are limiting your business to a few companies and you will never manage to make enough money to sustain your lifestyle.

3) Do not have a system (Internet Marketing System)

Internet marketing technigues and automation softwares can help you set up a system that will nurture your followers' desire to follow your habits. This automation system can be set up once, and everytime you send your followers into the system, and they buy, you get paid. If you do not have a system, that will automatically "sell" to your followers every time they will ask for your advice, you are loosing your time and energy, investing in gadgets and products without getting the return on your investment.

+1... Do not own the Game!

Having thousands of followers on Social Media is not enough. Because you are building a business on assets you do not own. With a tweak of the social algorithm, you can lose your entire followers and you are entire business.

If you want to own the game you need to build your email list and create a communication channel that you will own. When you build your email list of followers (and they love to get your emails as they love to follow your social media) you will own the game! If for some reason, you want to stop broadcasting on one social medium and go to another, you will just send them an email... and they will follow.

And the best, you can automate the monetization of your email list.

Now you are thinking, how I am going to do that?

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